Top Tips for Online Poker Beginners

Every beginning is hard. So you can also the start in an online poker career. Many poker fans in Germany have already gained experience in home games against friends and now want to take the next step. But for a long-term successful career in online poker, there is a lot to note. We give beginners an overview and shows them the most important tips for the successful online poker game. At the Australian Online Casinos this is the best deal now.

  1. Choosing the right poker site

At the beginning of every online poker career is choosing the right poker site. Poker players in Germany have a huge selection of online poker sites available. Here you first have to get an overview to find the right and suitable page. Fortunately, most vendors are now focusing their attention on the “leisure player,” and trying to give beginners and newcomers the best possible gaming experience. Nevertheless, there are still sites where many pros and regulars play. Of course you do not want to sit at the table as a beginner. provides you with an overview and a test of the best poker sites that are also good for beginners.

  1. Deposit plus bonus

When choosing the right poker site, beginners should also check which poker site offers them the best bonus terms and the best welcome pack. On every poker site, new customers receive a bonus when they pay in for the first time for real money. Often the deposit of the player is doubled. For example, if you pay 50 euros, you get 50 euros of bonus money from the provider. However, a bonus usually has to be unlocked first. Only after you have played a certain number of hands, you get the promised bonus to your poker account.

  1. Select game variant

Anyone who has found his poker site and made his first real money deposit can actually get started. But what exactly should you play? Every poker site has many variations on offer. Which is the right one for beginners? Fact: The world’s most popular poker variant is Texas Hold’em. 85 percent of all online poker players prefer this variant. It is a great way to start your online career, as the basic rules are very simple. In addition, Texas Hold’em offers plenty of players at any time of the day. Also we recommend this option to all beginners. The Au Slots Casino Review really helps you out in this matter.

If the player has decided on a variant, he faces another question: Does he play best cash games (also called ring games), multi-table tournaments (MTT) or single table tournaments (STT)? In a cash game, the player only needs a certain amount of money to sit down at a table. The blinds are never raised and you can leave a table anytime. A multi-table tournament is a tournament that takes place at several tables. For STTs (also called Sit ‘n’ Gos) the player pays a fixed amount for the participation. Here usually the best three places get a profit.

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