Get into the tactics of the team Before Betting

To make successful corners bet, you need to familiarize yourself with the tactics of both teams. Of great importance are the coach’s directions, so how to approach home or guest. A large number of specialists rely on offensive action at home games, but they prefer a defensive play. So, such teams are not preferred when looking for a large number of tournament corners, but are easily predictable for a “multi-corners” match.

The approach to the game itself is essential. The managers’ instructions are important. Some prefer attacks through the central part of the terrain, while others prefer offensive action on the wings. The latter are ideal for searching for a high number of corners, as the ball is often approaching the outline, and a ricochet that carries a corner kick is possible. For the guards who guard the flank player, the best alternative is to send the ball to the corner, as this is the closest and sure zone outside of the pitch. For the PanduanBermain P2Play this is importan.


Types of corners markets

After reviewing some of the corners betting strategies, we have to pay attention to the available bookmaker markets. There is a wide variety of European championships, which include a variety of options and combinations.

Number of corners – This is the most commonly used corners market. The set lines depend on the statistics of both teams, but usually the bettor should predict whether the corners will be more or less than 9.5 or 10.5.

1st half corners – You can search for the number of angular shocks through the first part. The most common line is below / above 4.5 corners.

More corners in the match – Usually the stronger team gets low odds because it is expected to attack over much of the match. Here the betting possibilities are three – host, equal number and more corner corners for the guest.

Handicap corners – You can look for success with the corners for one team. At bet365 options are available with European and Asian handicap.

Team Corners – If your expectations are directed to corners only by one team, then you best bet on this market because you will get much better odds.

First to – An option that allows you to predict the team that first reached a given margin (3.5.7 or 9 corners).

Why use betting on corners?

The search for corner kicks is one of the most interesting aspects of betting these days. No matter the final outcome of the game, you can win. Another positive thing about betting on corners is the inability of bookies to set the correct margin in advance. Very often the number of corners exceeds, even at times, that of the expected line before the start of the match. This way you get high odds in very real markets.

You should not blame or fall into depression. Sports betting are never certain, so it is based on thought and a proper assessment of the circumstances. Be realistic and always have one mind, no matter how certain the bet is worth.

Be prepared for bad series

This is part of the game. The big teams are also crashing in a part of the season. You may not be in good shape, leading to several bad bets. It is important not to perceive them as something fatal. Remember that you are not the only one, the series of lost slips happen to everyone.

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